Fight Red Scale pests

Grab some beneficial insects and start the program.

Into the insectary

Mulholland citrus houses the production ground for millions of beneficial insects. Aphytis melinus are a powerful tool used to protect our citrus trees from the California Red Scale pest. As part of an integrated pest management system we reduce the amount of pesticides used in our orchards.

Organic or conventional, we’re here to provide you with a way to control your own pest problems and assist you in designing a program that best fits your needs.


Oleander scale is used to raise our beneficial insects. Grown on banana or butternut squash, scale mature within 45-55 days.


Adult Aphytis Menlinus and scale infested squash are placed in sealed cabinets where Aphytis release their eggs into the scale’s bodies over 12-14 days. Aphytis Menlinus are then collected 100,000 per 5 milliliters into cups for distribution in the field.

Early season releases are critical to allow Aphytis Menlinus to build populations in the orchard.

Let them fight for you.

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