A family tradition...

It starts at the farm.

In heart of the Central Valley of California, the Mulholland family is working on a tradition four generations strong. With a commitment to growing the best, Mulholland Citrus delivers sweet California citrus.

The heart of what we do is family

Scientists of nature

Our goal of producing quality fruit starts in the sun-filled nursery, where citrus seedlings are cultivated by hand. With nutrient-rich irrigation and greenhouse innovation, we carefully select and grow varieties that yield the most delicious fruit.

The heart of what we do is innovation

Delicious fruit is our specialty…

Our passion is growing uniquely flavorful fruit. The Mulholland team watches over the orchards to ensure every piece of fruit is picked at its peak ripeness.

Harvest time!

Excitement is in season when harvest time comes around. With high standards for ripeness and quality, it is a special time of year when the Mulholland Citrus family can come together to pick the year’s crop of sweet citrus.

The heart of what we do is tradition

Just because harvest time has come and gone doesn’t mean the Mulholland family stops there. After steadfast effort to produce the finest fruit, they ensure each box is delivered to a market near you.

…Love at first bite.