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A story of discovery, growth, and tradition. The legacy of the Mulholland family in California was born in 1885. Great-grandfather William Mulholland began a tradition of innovation and ingenuity which has been passed down through four generations of California growers.

As the visionary for the Los Angeles aqueduct project, William Mulholland built a foundation for years of future success. As one of California's heritage families, the Mulhollands have given back to their home state since the 1800's.


The pinnacle of his life's work was the construction of the Los Angeles Aqueduct. This engineering marvel supported over a century of growth and prosperity in the Los Angeles basin and surrounding areas.

William was the first Mulholland to make an impact, but he was not the last.

Perry passed the torch to his son, Richard, who continued growing citrus in Los Angeles before relocating the operation to the fertile soils of Orange Cove, California. In 1957, the Mulholland family embarked on a new frontier for growth in the San Joaquin valley.

Son of William, Perry Mulholland lifted the family heritage to new heights by founding the very first Mulholland Citrus farm in Los Angeles in the 1920s.

In 1978, at 26 years old, Tom Mulholland, the son of citrus grower Richard Mulholland set out to start his own nursery on Hills Valley Road in Orange Cove. From the beginning Tom worked hard to produce the very best in market quality citrus.

Tom has a passion for innovation, research, and new technologies.

While traveling halfway around the world, in Morocco, Tom came across a species of citrus not available anywhere in the United States: the seedless W. Murcott mandarin. Mulholland Citrus then became the very first American company to propogate, grow and market the mandarin to the United States buyer. He named them “Delite”!

As Mulholland Citrus grew, so did the family, Through the years Tom has passed the craft on to his daughters, Heather and Alyssa.

The journey continues...

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