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Nursery Guide

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Housed within the perfectly temperate environment for the development of healthy and beautiful citrus trees we grow seedlings to orchard-ready trees. From countless hours of research and generations of experience, we offer a variety of citrus products for you to get started on your mission towards sweet California citrus. We’re delighted to get you started on your journey!

Mulholland Citrus has been producing custom cultured citrus trees for over 30 years.

It starts with the seed

Most seed comes from our own nurseries. Temperature control, irrigation, and careful tracking and documentation help us maintain the perfect environment for raising a citrus tree.


Rootstock Development and Budding

Mulholland takes great care in tracking the different seed varieties used for rootstock development. Rootstock verification is critical to guarantee the product ordered is the product delivered.

Germination is handled in a controlled atmosphere with temperature control systems to help maintain the right environment for germinating citrus seed. This helps improve the speed at which plants can be transplanted into cones. After germination, we sort the seedlings and transplant them into cones for further development.

Once seedlings reach maturity, they are ready to transplant into soil sleeves for further development. Mulholland Citrus uses 11×17 inch sleeves to provide enough soil for maximum root development. This helps to insure the delivery of a strong and vigourous tree for planting.

After budding the tree is monitored and maintained to insure the fastest and strongest growth pattern is reached. Irrigation, weed management and suckering all play a critical role in developing a healthy tree for orchard planting.

Mulholland's greenhouse processes naturally speeds up the rate of plant development.

Soil Nutrition

The heart of our nursery is our nutrient injection system. Paired with a specialized soil mix, we provide vital nutrients and resources needed for the healthiest trees.

Soil & Nutrition

Mulholland has spent countless hours researching and implementing the latest in soil and nutrient management. A specialized soil mix is used to provide the trees with the foundation of resources needed to develop a healthy tree.

The heart of the nursery is the nutrient injection system. Our injection system adds vital nutrients into each irrigation providing the tree with just the right nutrient chemistry.

Mulholland has done years of research in the best soil and nutrition management.

Final Prep

Mature trees are cut back to 27 inches to increase vigor and overall viability during transplant. Your trees will be hand inspected for quality and health and prior sending to your field.

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Last Steps

Prepping for Shipment
Prior to shipment the mature nursery trees are cut back to 27 inches to increase vigor and overall health of the tree during the transplant. Final inspection is done at this time to ensure that every tree sent to the grove meets the standards set forth by Mulholland Citrus.

Planting strategy and timing is a decision the grower must make based on the variety and environment. The options are endless but you can be sure that a tree provided by Mulholland Citrus will provide the foundation for a successful beginning to a long term investment.

Greenhouses protect plants against freezing and damage during the winter.