October 1, 2014 - 6:50 pm

Nearly one in three children in America is overweight or obese. Health is a growing concern among parents and establishing a solid foundation for healthy eating habits is critical.

We agree, that’s why we’re now a supporter of the ‘eat brighter!’ movement that’s geared toward helping kids eat more fruits and vegetables. The movement, started by Produce Marketing Association, Sesame Workshop and the Partnership for a Healthier America leverages the strength and influence of the Sesame Street brand and characters like Big Bird, Elmo, and Cookie Monster to help deliver messages about fresh fruits and vegetables to kids ages 2 to 5 and their families.

We’ve redesigned our Delite™ label to incorporate some of your favorite Sesame Street characters – we hope you and your family will choose to ‘eat brighter!’ with our family. Look for us in stores and enjoy pure Delite™ …to the last little bite!

To learn more about the ‘eat brighter!’ movement, please visit ConsumerShareable CM-oranges